Jennifer Truesdale

Singer-Songwriter, Vocal Coach and Professional Music Career Coach

Jennifer Truesdale Music Teaching
Jennifer Truesdale has done what many aspiring musicians long to do. She created a highly lucrative career as a working professional musician. For over 25 years, Jennifer has been successfully working in the music industry as a singer-songwriter performing with many of the top musicians up and down the East Coast and writing songs for major network television shows including All My Children, Melrose Place and many more. She also has over 10 years’ experience in music marketing and promotion having worked at Rounder Records where she earned gold and platinum albums and worked with such amazing artists as Alison Krauss, Susan Tedeschi, Roomful of Blue, Irma Thomas and many others. As a result of this extensive experience, Jennifer has an intimate understanding of what it takes to develop a successful career as a musician and uses all of her vocal, artistic and business expertise to teach and mentor a very active studio of aspiring musical artists.

“I help singers create their own unique and authentic paths to success in the music industry,” says Jennifer. “Because of my background and knowledge of both singing and the music business, I’m able to help singers discover and develop their own unique voice and then turn this passion into a successful, lucrative career.”

As part of her musical journey, Jennifer studied with a number of highly respected vocal coaches, including her time at Berklee College of Music, and with Boston based vocal coach, Jeannie Deva. The more she learned how to use her voice own voice in the styles of Blues, Rock, Pop and R&B in a healthy and effective way, the more impassioned she became to share these techniques with other singers. As a Certified Deva Method (c) Instructor, Jennifer developed an extremely successful vocal coaching practice utilizing highly effective vocal techniques combined with her own extensive experience as a busy, working singer.

As Jennifer’s clients experienced amazing changes and results vocally, their dreams began to grow – they began to consult Jennifer on ways in which to expand and develop their own professional careers. “Time and again they would tell me, I love the way I’m singing now”, says Jennifer “How can I turn this into a professional career”. Always eager to help, Jennifer began advising and assisting their career development, while also seeking out additional resources for these aspiring singers. Oddly, she found that while there were many books, courses and other resources available regarding the music industry, there were few resources that provided practical information on how to simply build a professional career as a singer. As a result, Jennifer authored the book Get Paid To Sing: The Singer’s Guide to Making a Living Making Music and developed a powerful personal career development program that addresses the individual singer’s musical style and personal and professional goals.

While managing her own busy musical career and coaching practice, Jennifer is a also a wife and mom, is Director of Chick Singer Night Boston ( a nationally recognized performance series for women that helps to raise money for music programs in Boston area schools and Co-Director of the Berklee College of Music Boston area Alumni Chapter.