As you know, I’m a big fan of  “Dream it, Plan it, Do it”.  Success truly requires all three.  In my opinion, planning is a step that is often overlooked, which can lead to feeling disorganized, overworked, dispersed and potentially not getting any closer to your dreams.

It is, however, possible to OVER-Plan. It’s a very easy trap to fall into, being very busy “getting your ducks in a row” creating plans, setting up this, setting up that, but not really DOING anything.  So while I’m a big fan of planning, I’m also a big, BIG fan of ‘tweaking as you go!”.   

Example: want a CD to sell at your shows, but don’t have the money or time for a full on production? Record 4-5 high quality but simple acoustic versions of your songs and sell those CDs at your shows. Then use that money to record a full length/fully produced CD.  Same thing for websites. You don’t need an elaborate multi-paged site right away (if ever). Start with a simple one page site. You can always add to it or change it later on.

The point is, dreaming and planning are important, BUT there comes a point when it’s time to stop planning and time to start DOING. Ok, so maybe you’ll have a few rogue ducks, but you can always corral them later.