Few things are as near and dear to my heart as kids making music.

Building a strong musical foundation while fostering a genuine love for making music and having fun are the cornerstones of our kids music program. Your children will learn the fundamentals of music in a nurturing, creative environment where they are encouraged to learn a variety of musical styles and have the opportunity to perform in a spring recital.

Lessons offered in our Arlington, Massachusetts studio or in your own home (some restrictions apply)

Piano Lessons (ages 5 +)

The piano is a wonderful first instrument for children. Little fingers find the keys relatively easy to maneuver and create a nice sound. Children learn the basics of music theory, which they can then apply to other instruments, as well as learning the skills and discovering the fun of improvisation. Many of the children in our program have also discovered the joy of composing!

“We are so lucky to have found your studio! I can’t even begin to express the joy! My children are thriving musically and LOVE every lesson. They are thrilled with their teacher Colleen, speak of her often and love to practice what she has taught them each week! Thank you! Much Love, The Happeny Family”

Voice Lessons for Children (ages 8-12)

What child doesn’t love to sing! While their bodies may not be ready for more vigorous vocal training, the voice is a wonderful instrument to explore all aspects of musicality including melody, rhythm, harmony and performance skills. Children also learn healthy vocal habits such as how to warm up the voice and establish a fun practice routine.

Many kids on our program opt for a combination of piano and voice lessons, which gives them the added skill and fun of being able to accompany themselves!


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