Many of the singers I work with are professional or aspiring professional singers. No matter where you are in your career, whether you’ve been doing music professionally for years or you are just starting out, having someone to guide you through this crazy business of our is invaluable.

For over 25 years, I’ve worked in the music industry, as a performer, songwriter, producer as well as a music marketing and promotion professional. I’ve seen how things work and I’ve learned how to make a viable living as a singer and musician. It is possible to make music your career and I can help show you how.

I came to work with Jennifer Truesdale because I have worked with mentors and coaches in the past and know how beneficial it is to have someone to check in with. Jennifer was able to pinpoint areas of my career to work on and brought to light some great ideas that could be used to build my fanbase and connect with a bigger audience. I am grateful for the information I learned during my career coaching. I always believe it is best to invest in yourself and investing in career coaching with Jennifer was absolutely worth it.
Lauren Bateman
Jennifer is the best!  I recently decided to do more with my singing career so naturally I called Jennifer to get some clarity on the  best path for my current goals.  Even though I am an operatic soprano, I did not want to go the traditional classical route this time around.  I wanted something more authentic to my own vision and lifestyle.  Jennifer had a plethora of excellent, creative and practical ideas and solutions, everything from “business model” to what kinds of venues to try out.  I left our call feeling totally empowered to make this my own journey instead of totally overwhelmed and frustrated about a lack of possibilities.  Thank  you, thank you Beautiful.  You rock! 🙂
Heather Poduska

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