Goals are funny things, in that we’re much more likely to accomplish them if we’re very specific in naming them. For example, how many of us have said
……I want to get in shape, lose weight, eat better….did we actually achieve these goals?  I know I didn’t. Why? These goals simply weren’t specific enough.

Try this on for size though:

Goal – I’m going to exercise for one hour three times per week. I’ll do this at 9:00 AM Monday, 9:00 AM Wednesday, 9:00 AM Friday. Now there’s a specific goal.

When I work with singer’s on developing and expanding their professional careers, they very often tell me that they want to earn more money with music (in fact, this is often the #1 thing they tell me). The interesting thing however, is that usually when I ask them how MUCH they want to make, they stare at me blankly. One singer actually asked me how much I thought he SHOULD want!

So if your goal is to make more money making music – give that goal a dollar amount. If you want to sell more CDs, well, decide how many If you want to book more gigs, again, decide how many.

Be specific in naming your goals. Then you can begin to work out the plans for making them happen! 

Have a great day!