I am hitting notes I have never hit before and, yes folks, I am talking about the ones in the upper register. I have a tremendous amount of power, endurance and flexibility. My vocal tone has a richer and warmer sound quality and has improved considerably.

Susan Angeletti

          Jennifer Truesdale was recommended to me as one of the best in New England. I believe she is the best. I have been studying with Jennifer for several months, and in those months I was convinced that every time I saw her, this woman had some sort of magical fairy dust that she sprinkled on my vocal chords. But what I have come to realize is that it’s not magic. Jennifer’s gift is a rarity, in that she has the ability to take a singer and teach them how to awaken and utilize what they already have inside themselves. My range has increased dramatically and I am able to hit notes that for the longest time I was only able to hear in my head. My pitch and consistency, as well as my vocal durability have never been better.

Megan Bayra

          I’ve just recently finished 6 months of voice lessons with Jennifer Truesdale and I am amazed by the results! These past 6 months have transformed my voice into the voice I always wanted, but never before had access to. The whole transformation process was an amazing experience….it taught me that a little effort every day, combined with the right techniques and guidance from a true expert in a structured setting, would bring me results far beyond what I could have ever imagined or achieved on my own. Through this program I have been given the best gift a singer could ever hope for…my own authentic voice. Thank you Jennifer!

Adriana Giancoli

          I have experienced an incredible change in my vocal power and flexibility since studying with Jennifer. I feel the difference when I perform; more freedom and ease that I did not have before. I have worked on singing for many years with other teachers and never have the positive changes been more apparent.

Ksenia Mack

           I’m a vocalist for the Air Force and I sing the National Anthem on a daily basis. After learning the Deva Method the anthem became less breathy and easier to sing. I’ve been getting more compliments on it!

Courtney Clifford | USAF Bane of Liberty Vocalist

          I’ve had such a GREAT time learning with you and cannot wait for our journey to continue!

Erika Tapia

           I am able to sing with more confidence and power. I feel like I’ve gone through a transformation with my voice and I feel good about it now. I really thank this program for bringing out the true singer I am.

Chris Louis

          I’ve worked with Jennifer Truesdale and her staff for both vocal training and career promotions and have found their services and team to be second-to-none! I need only to look at the success I’ve had so far in my career to see the proof!

Phil Ayoub

          I started classes at Jennifer Truesdale because after singing in rock bands for 10 years, my voice had become hoarse and my range had decreased. Through constant exercises and new knowledge of vocal anatomy, my range is back and I have confidence once again! Thank you!

The Black Widow

          I have been a singer all my life. Since age six, I have been in musical theater, I have sung in church choirs, and also throughout high school and college I sang The National Anthem at all sporting events.

About three years ago, once work became busy, I stopped my “singing” related activities and only sang at the occasional wedding ceremony. I have a high-pressure sales job that requires constant talking and a huge amount of phone time. Over the last two years, I have had what can only be described as a horribly hoarse speaking voice. Now, not only could I not sing anymore, but also I could not talk. This affected my personal life, my professional life, and my self-confidence. Being able to sing and tell stories is who I am!! When I could no longer do this, I went to several medical specialists who could not find anything physically wrong. They told me I had “vocal abuse” from too much talking. At this point, I was completely devastated thinking that I would forever have laryngitis and would never sing again.

I came for a consultation with Jennifer. She had me sing something so she could get an idea of what we were working with. I sang my “standard”, The National Anthem, and I was completely mortified by the sound! Jennifer said that she could help. After hearing myself sing, I had major doubts, but I began lessons with Jennifer.

After about a month, it no longer hurt me to talk. After about three months I had very minimal hoarseness and NO laryngitis. After six months, I began to hear my “old” singing voice come back. Jennifer had assured me that it was still there, and she was right – that was the most exciting day of this whole year!

I never have a hoarse voice anymore and I am able to sing songs again. I can quantify my success with the fact that through Jennifer’s patient, diligent work with me, I am able to talk as much as I want – my vocal folds are getting their strength back. Because of this, my sales at work have increased by at least 50%. I no longer have trouble on the phone or with customers because my voice, and hence my self-confidence, is back too!! I can’t say enough good things about this method – it saved my voice. Thank you Jennifer, and thank you Jeannie Deva!

Sheila Moreau

          Wow!! What a difference a couple of months can make! Special thanks to Jennifer Truesdale for her experience, patience and dedication.

Kelly McCormack

          If I knew I was going to learn this much, I would’ve come here years ago!


Heather Poduska

Jennifer is the best!  I recently decided to do more with my singing career so naturally I called Jennifer to get some clarity on the  best path for my current goals.  Even though I am an operatic soprano, I did not want to go the traditional classical route this time around.  I wanted something more authentic to my own vision and lifestyle.  Jennifer had a plethora of excellent, creative and practical ideas and solutions, everything from “business model” to what kinds of venues to try out.  I left our call feeling totally empowered to make this my own journey instead of totally overwhelmed and frustrated about a lack of possibilities.  Thank  you, thank you Beautiful.  You rock!   🙂

Michelle Dunne

Before calling Jennifer Truesdale for our first lesson, I had been singing my entire life and studying the Deva Method™on my own for years. I had not had a gig for 5 years and was well out of the scene. I came into her studio as a hobbyist who had a great love and passion for singing. At that time, I thought my singing career was well a part of a dream that was far behind me.

As well as studying voice with Jennifer, I decided to take her “Making Music Your Business” course. My family and I have always run successful small businesses, but I never thought it to be part of my music. Jennifer Truesdale has helped me fully understand the aspects of the business end of my music and I’ve learned to fuse the two together. Since taking her advice and putting to to use, my singing career has taken flight! I am gigging out more than I ever imagined I would and landing gigs I never imagined I could.

I am a small dreamer and yet Jennifer has helped me go a little further each step of the way. With her help I am the lead/front person for a regularly gigging original band. With Jennifer’s guidance I am the person that is now booking all the gigs for both bands! When I tell Jennifer I have surpassed my dreams and reached my goals, she then tells me “OK. Now dream bigger and set a higher goal!” I laugh and then go do it! With Jennifer driving me to be persistent and guiding me each time we meet, I was able to land an unbelievable gig for the original band I am in. Safety Tested Boston opened for a very well-known current pop start at a music festival! Kaya Jones, formerly of the Pussy Cat Dolls, and Robe Base, with Herbie Hancock’s own Bill Win on sound. This is a gig beyond my wildest imagination. I’m out of my head with excitement as this the biggest thing I have ever done in my entire life! The funny thing is, I know she will now tell me to dream bigger and goal higher! LOL! Thank you, Jen! I love YOU!

Doug Tybor

I have been a singing keyboard player in bands for over 30 years, and, thanks to Jennifer and The Deva Method, I have never felt more confident in nailing those notes in the upper part of my range.  Even when I have not been singing for a while of may be experiencing some vocal fatigue, I would go back for a few “tune-up” lessons, and it succeeds every time!  She works with me based on my specific situation, is pro-active in suggesting a practice plan beyond the lesson sessions, and I highly recommend her to hep you achieve your vocal goals.  Thanks Jennifer!